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Motorcycle Helmet Nolan N100-5 Upwind N-Com P/J - Flat Black-Yellow

Versatile and technologically sophisticated flip-up helmet that provides maximum comfort, safety and vision in every situation. more

Colour:  Flat Black-Yellow


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The Motorcycle Helmet Nolan N100-5 Upwind N-Com P/J is a popular flip-up helmet. This is a technologically sophisticated sports helmet in an elegant design. Since the helmet is P/J certified, you can ride with the chin guard in an open (J configuration) or closed (P configuration) position. The Motorcycle Helmet Nolan N100-5 Upwind N-Com P/J is a balanced, well-equipped helmet that will keep you comfortable even on long rides. As far as safety goes, certification is just a springboard for Nolan, as its helmets exceeds the requirements set by the ECE 22.05/06 safety standard.


Originally developed by General Motors, LEXAN™ is a material ensuring, for the same shape, thickness and process, higher performance compared to ABS, the raw material used for the molding of almost all motorbike helmets on the market. The polycarbonate provides superior performance in both mechanical and thermal terms: during impact resistance tests, the polycarbonate obtained results of 900/1000 J/m, compared to the maximum results of 550/600 J/m for ABS. Furthermore, the thermal range of the Lexan is between -30°C and +120°C, which means that it maintains its dimensional stability and does not suffer cracks at high temperatures.

Chin Guard with Elliptical Flip-Up System

Chin guard rotation with elliptical trajectory makes it possible to keep the overall size of the helmet to a minimum and provides additional comfort when riding with the chin guard up.

Dual Action

Exclusive system that allows you to open the chin guard. Placed in the middle of the chin guard, this system allows you to open it using only one hand. Moreover, it also prevents accidental opening as it can only be opened with the release lever (or a safety lock) and the activation lever. 

Ultra Wide Visor

Made of Lexan, the visor is extremely large, providing a wide field of (peripheral) vision, improving the rider’s safety. 


Patented technology enhanced by NolanGroup S.p.A. – the visor has an all-around edge which, in combination with the eccentric pins, allows the user to adjust the distance of the Pinlock insert from the visor from the outside. This is a durable and practical system that prevents the visor from fogging up.

Sun Visor with UV 400 Protection

The Lexan sun visor can be found on the inside of the helmet. Besides being anti-scratch and anti-fog, the visor also provides UV protection up to 400nm. The sun visor can be easily activated or removed.

Cheek pads

The inner foam cheek pads are designed to provide even pressure and consistent performance over time. The lining on the inner side of the cheek pads (on the polystyrene side) helps facilitate placement and adjustment. It can easily be removed and washed (its properties won’t change when washed).

ClimaComfort Inner Padding

Sophisticated concept – the padding is made of dual-density microfibers. Together with the upper ventilation system AirBooster, it distributes air to the upper part of the helmet. Exclusive AirBooster technology on the top of the helmet keeps your head well ventilated. The air is pushed in the helmet’s upper air inlet, reaching all the high stress areas and thus preventing air dispersion, providing maximum comfort even in the most difficult of conditions. The air inlet on the chin not only keeps your mouth well ventilated but also prevents the visor from fogging up. The integrated rear exhaust vents help you get rid of hot and stale air. The N100-5 PLUS is also characterized by the particular shape of the cheek pads, which provide further protection against draughts.

LPC – Liner Positioning System

This system allows for the regulating of the position of the liner to be adjusted, meaning that the helmet can be adapted to varying requirements and head shapes.


The dual retention system with micrometric adjustment consists of an ergonomic thermoplastic opening lever and an aluminum toothed retaining lever. As a result, the chin strap can only be opened by turning the buckle, preventing accidental opening.

Technical description:

  • Ultra-wide visor
  • Extremely well-balanced helmet
  • Only flip-up helmet whose chin guard did not open during crash test
  • Adjustable VPS sun visor with automatic pull-out system, easy to remove
  • AirBooster – upper ventilation system
  • Chin guard with elliptical rotation for minimal air resistance when riding with the chin guard lifted
  • Double Action – exclusive chin guard opening mechanism
  • Microlock2 closure system with micrometric adjustment and dual opening
  • ClimaComfort – inner padding of microperforated fabric with adjustable collar
  • Shell material: Lexan (most crack-resistant polycarbonate that just deforms and reduces impact, extremely resistant to changes in temperature and time wear, maximum stability)
  • Weight: 1,700 g
  • Certification: ECE 22.05 P/J (European safety standard – certified as both integral and open face helmet)


Product parameters

Weight 1700 g
Sun visor yes
Detachable lining yes
Shell material Lexan
Air vents yes
Intercom-ready yes
Homologation yes


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