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Rollerblade Brake Pad Powerslide HABS S/M SPECIAL OFFER

Replacement brake pad for Powerslide rollerblades with the HABS braking system and wheels up to 110 mm. more

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The Rollerblade Brake Pad Powerslide HABS S/M is a replacement brake pad with outstanding braking properties. The HABS (Height Adjustable Brake System) allows you to adjust the height of the pad and therefore modify the braking angle. Heel brakes have a better function when the braking angle is higher. You will need to lift your toes a bit higher than usual, but then you are able to put your full body weight onto the brake. The higher pressure on the brake pads means you are able to stop faster. You can adjust the height of your brake pads to either customize it to fit your skate style or to optimize the performance when the pad is worn down.

Technical description:

  • Replacement HABS brake pad
  • Allows you to adjust the braking angle by loosening the screw
  • Suitable for Powerslide rollerblades with the HABS braking system
  • Max wheel size: 110 mm
  • Material: NR/SBR (natural and synthetic rubber blend)
  • S/M pad
  • Price for 1 piece

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