Sport Tester inSPORTline Diverz

Sporttester - heart rate measuring + chest belt, time, date, stopwatch, countdown, lap timer, an indicator of rate, 3 alarms, backlight, water resistance to 100 meters

Sporttester - heart rate measuring + chest belt, time, date, stopwatch, countdown, lap timer, an indicator of rate, 3 alarms, backlight, water resistance to 100 meters

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Sport Tester inSPORTline Diverz

Sporttester InSPORTline Diverz is modern and durable sports computer with heart rate monitor (HR) and watches in one. The basis of this watch is durable and very lightweight body with a stylish design, well-arranged backlit display with high resistance to scratches and 4 function buttons. Sporttester InSPORTline Diverz offers all the important features for proper training management - 3 preset heart rate zones (65/75/85 % max HR), 1 adjustable zone with the possibility to set your own min/max. heart rate, recording up to 50 sessions (R01 - R50) or a rate indicator with audio alarm in an optional range from 10 to 300 beeps per 1 minute. According to preset user information (gender, height, weight, age) the sporttester can determine the degree of physical fitness using a known BMI (body mass index). Between time functions of these sports watches there are also all the used functions such as time, date, stopwatch, time countdown and 3 independent alarms. Sporttester InSPORTline Diverz has a high-quality full-area illumination that makes it fully usable even in the dark.

Lightweight and durable body, intuitive control and 100 meters water resistance are the properties that rank sporttester InSPORTline Diverz between ideal helpers in many sports, outdoor and casual wear.

Technical description:

  • sporttester lightweight body made of hardened plastic
  • large backlit display with high scratch resistance
  • 4 function buttons (START / STOP, LIGHT, MODE, RESET)
  • measuring of heart rate with ECG accuracy
  • measurement of body condition with BMI
  • 3 preset HR zones
  • 1 optional zone with the possibility of setting the maximum and minimum heart rate
  • rate indicator with a range of 10 to 300 beeps/1 min.
  • possibility to store up to 50 training records
  • lap timer - counting the times of each lap (max 8 values)
  • sporttester shows: min. HR, average HR, max HR
  • water resistance (real): 30 m (swimming, free diving)
  • sporttester time functions: date, day of the week, dual time (possibility of regime change 12/24), stopwatch, time countdown, 3 alarms
  • backlight: full-area (green backlight)
  • water resistance: 100m
  • battery: coin-cell (type: CR2025)
  • face diameter: 5.8cm
  • weight: 55 g
  • strap size: 170-230 mm


3 preset HR zones:

  • HZ1 - fixed length of training 25 minutes: 55-65 % of maximum heart rate
  • HZ2 - fixed length of training 40 minutes : 65-75 % of maximum heart rate
  • HZ3 - fixed length of training 40 minutes : 75-85 % of maximum heart rate


Additional information: Maximum heart rate is calculated using the value of 220, which is subtracted by the inserted user's age. For example, the maximum HR of a 32 -year-old is calculated by the formula: 220 - 32 = 188 beats per 1 minute. Therefore, for example, heart rate range in HZ3 zone (75-85 % of 188) is 141 - 159.8 beats per 1 minute for this user.


Sport Tester inSPORTline Diverz - Documents to download

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Sport Tester inSPORTline Diverz - Product parameters

Coded signal
Backlit display
Body material
Chest strap
Fitness test
Outside temperature
Weight (g)
55 g

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