Nutrend Carniform 20 x 30 ml

The strongest fat burner comes in a new, larger package as CARNIFORM SHOT.

The strongest fat burner comes in a new, larger package as CARNIFORM SHOT.

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Nutrend Carniform 20 x 30 ml

Efficiently designed combination of functional substances that attack the fatty tissue and increases its use during physical activity. Newly phial containing 60 ml. Spin the wheel with redundant pounds once and for all. Try one of the most effective fat burners on today market - CARNIFORM SHOT. It will improve mobilization of fat reserves, energize you before physical activity, increase thermogenesis and that all quickly and effectively! The base is a high concentration of active ingredients such as L -carnitine, synephrine, caffeine, arginine and selected vitamins, all with the aim to effectively initiate and accelerate the metabolic processes and transform your body into energy factory. It is intended for: those persons who want to maximize fat burning during physical activity. For maximum stimulation on performance, weight reduction and effective body shaping.

Characteristics of effective substances:

  • L- carnitine - this active substance acts in the body as a carrier of fatty acids (fats) into the mitochondria, their place of combustion (conversion to energy). Its increased income in the organism supports creation of energy from fat. At the same time it positively affects cholesterol levels, improves neuromuscular activity and increases the ability to regenerate.
  • Arginine - is an amino acid that helps to improve blood flow to stressed muscles, maintains a positive relationship between fat and muscle tissue. Moreover, it helps even faster elimination of after-training metabolic waste - accelerates regeneration.
  • Choline - participates in more intensive use of fats and supports processes that lead to increased levels of energy for muscle work.
  • Caffeine - stimulates the central nervous system and helps to release fat from fat stores.
  • Synephrine - designation of active substance contained in the plant called Citrus aurantium. Together with caffeine helps to increase metabolic rate and heat energy production (thermogenesis), both of these processes then result in increased fat burning.


Recommended dosage:

  • drink one phial 30 - 40 minutes before physical activity
  • maximum daily dose is 1 phial within 24 hours
  • do not exceed the recommended dosage


Nutritional values:


100 ml

Dose – 60 ml

Energy value

165 kJ/39 kcal

99 kJ/23 kcal


7,6 g

4,6 g


0 g

0 g


0 g

0 g


0 g

0 g

Saturated fatty acids

0 g

0 g


0 g

0 g


0 g

0 g

L- arginine

3333 mg

2000 mg

L- carnitine

1667 mg

1000 mg


333 mg

200 mg


167 mg

100 mg

Citrus aurantium extract

83 mg

50 mg

Vitamin B3

25 mg = 156 % rdd

15 mg = 94 % rdd

Vitamin B2

17 mg = 1214 % rdd

10 mg = 714 % rdd

Vitamin B5

17 mg = 283 % rdd

10 mg = 167 % rdd


42 µg = 84 % rdd

25 µg = 50 % rdd

rdd ... recommended daily dose



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