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Punching mitt inSPORTline Punchy

Training gloves, surface made of synthetic leather, air vents, elastic rubber band on the wrist.

Training gloves, surface made of synthetic leather, air vents, elastic rubber band on the wrist. more »

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Punching mitt inSPORTline Punchy

Training gloves inSPORTline Punchy are quality gloves suitable for beginners, intermediates and for all branches of fitness contact sports, designed especially for training. The gloves are made of synthetic leather completed with rubber band. Ventilation holes on the palm ensure optimal ventilation and reduce temperature in the glove, thus, avoiding hands sweating. The gloves have a long service-life and are very easy to maintain. Due to these excellent properties are training gloves inSPORTline Punchy very popular.

Technical description:

  • surface made of special durable synthetic leather
  • wide cuff
  • elastic rubber band on the wrist
  • ventilation holes in the palm prevent excessive sweating of hands

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Punching mitt inSPORTline Punchy - Product parameters

Glove type
Synthetic leather
Rubber cuff

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