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Portable Steam Sauna inSPORTline Steamona

Portable steam sauna ideal for small places. An easy-to-store buddy that will help you relieve stiff muscles and detox your body.

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Portable steam sauna ideal for small places. An easy-to-store buddy that will help you relieve stiff muscles and detox your body. more »

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Portable Steam Sauna inSPORTline Steamona

The Portable Steam Sauna inSPORTline Steamona will not only help you relax but also improve your health. It allows you to enjoy a sauna anytime and anywhere, without having to go to a spa center. And you can’t really put a price on that! You can set it up in a matter of seconds and start relaxing right away. Since the walls are made of a waterproof material, no steam will get out of the sauna. Steam provides awesome healing and therapeutic benefits: it helps open pores, burn calories and relax your mind. Furthermore, it helps improve blood circulation, relieve stiff muscles and joint pain

The two-way zippers make it easy to for you to enter/get out of the sauna. The sauna also features two zippered arm openings, which will come in handy if you decide to read a book or watch a movie on your tablet while enjoying your sauna. Setting the sauna up and folding it up when you’re done is so easy that anyone can do it! Thanks to the pop-up mechanism, all you have to do to enjoy your sauna is take it out of the carry bag. Its space-saving design makes the Portable Steam Sauna inSPORTline Steamona ideal for small spaces – you can easily fold it up and store it under the bed or behind the cabinet.


How to use

Fill the included steam generator with 2 liters of water, close the lid, plug it into a socket and turn it on by pressing the power button on the bottom. Enter the sauna and zip up all the zippers. Pay particular attention to the spot where the steam enters the sauna as hot steam may cause skin burns! Press the red button on the remote control to turn the sauna on. Use the green buttons to set the duration of your sauna and the gray arrows to adjust the intensity (from 1 to 9). Since the steam generator displays your settings (there’s a small digital display), make sure to place it where you can see it. Depending on the intensity, the steam generator (with its 2-liter capacity) can generate steam for up to 60 minutes. The sauna heats up to a comfortable temperature of 45°C. When you’re done, ventilate the sauna and pour the remaining water out of the water reservoir before folding it up and storing it away. Since the Portable Steam Sauna inSPORTline Steamona doesn’t come with a chair, you should buy one (preferably a small, stainless steel one).

Technical description:

  • Practical portable steam sauna for home use
  • Easy to store – pop-up mechanism
  • Steam benefits:
    • Helps relieve stiff muscles and speed up recovery
    • Helps relieve joint pain
    • Helps burn calories
    • A variety of other health benefits
  • Practical zippered arm openings
  • Pocket for storing remote control or mobile phone
  • Adjustable steam intensity: 1 – 9 
  • Temperature: approx. 45°C
  • Steam generator capacity: 2 L
  • Operating time: approx. 60 minutes (depending on intensity; with full water reservoir)
  • Max temperature: 60°C
  • Weight: 1.8 kg (sauna), 1.2 kg (steam generator)
  • In the box: sauna, steam generator, remote control (chair is NOT included)
  • Dimensions:
    • Extended: H 106 x W 85 x L 85 cm
    • Collapsed: H 10 x W 40 x L 40 cm

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