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Rollerblade Protective Gear K2 Performance M 2020 SPECIAL OFFER

Suitable for men looking for high-quality protective gear. Made of a special material, these protectors are breathable and adjustable. more


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Are you tired of sweaty and uncomfortable protectors? The Rollerblade Protective Gear K2 Performance M provides the best possible protection, while making you look stylish. These protectors are made of CoolMax – a breathable mesh material with a liner that wicks sweat away from the body, keeping your kneeselbows and wrists well ventilated. Moreover, the protectors adjust to the shape of your body, allowing for a perfect fit. The protectors also feature Velcro tightening straps which are used to secure them in place.

Technical description:

  • Men’s protective gear suitable for rollerblading and other similar sports
  • Special CoolMax material – breathable mesh with sweat-wicking liner
  • Shaped for effective force distribution on impact
  • Adjust to shape of body
  • Durable shell
  • Velcro tightening straps for securing them in place
  • Reflective elements
  • Size: S, M, L, XL

Set includes:

  • 2x knee protector
  • 2x elbow protector
  • 2x wrist protector

Size chart:















Knee protector

35-39 cm

33-36 cm

39-43 cm

36-39 cm

43-47 cm

39-42 cm

47-51 cm

42-46 cm

Elbow protector

22-25 cm

21-24 cm

25-28 cm

24-27 cm

28-31 cm

27-30 cm

31-34 cm

30-33 cm

Wrist protector

19-21 cm

16-18 cm

21-23 cm

18-20 cm

23-25 cm

20-22 cm

25-27 cm

22-24 cm

How to choose the correct size?

  • Knee protectors: – thigh circumference approx. 10cm above center of knee; – calf circumference approx. 10cm below center of knee
  • Elbow protectors: – arm circumference approx. 10cm above center of elbow; – forearm circumference approx. 10cm below center of elbow
  • Wrist protectors: – hand circumference right under knuckles; – wrist circumference


Product parameters

Number of protectors 6 pcs
Ventilation yes
Fastening Velcro
Overcover no
Helmet included no
Suitable for children no
For adults yes
Use Knee, elbow, wrist
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