Dried meat Beef Jerky 50 g

delicacy of beef meat, high protein, low fat, suitable not only for sports activities

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delicacy of beef meat, high protein, low fat, suitable not only for sports activities

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Dried meat Beef Jerky 50 g

Dried Beef Jerky meat is delicious, protein-rich snack with extra low fat content. Delicacy Beef Jerky is made from slices of premium beef selection.
Dried Meat Beef Jerky is 96% fat free, low calorie and is much healthier than, say, chips or other snacks readily available.
It is a natural treat / delicacy, which is a great source of energy and have good nutritional value. In addition, the meat is without added glutamate.
Dried meat is ideal for leisure and all extreme sports activities such as outdoor, skiing, running, biking, inline skating, mountain climbing and other sports and fitness activities.
Thanks to the strong taste and high content of health beneficial substances, is dried meat Beef Jerky suitable as replacement for smoking cessation. Minimum shelf life is 12 months.
Dried meat Beef Jerky is also suitable as a relaxing element in moments of rest.

50 g of dried meat = 175 g of fresh meat


delicious snack of beef meat
high protein content
extra low fat content
long shelf life
distinctive taste
replacement for smoking cessation
convenient supplement in relaxation
suitable for all sports and leisure time


classic: soft, perfect for your ”loved one“ and children
teriyaki: moderately spicy, oriental delight
original: moderately savoury, slightly spicy
smoked: smooth with a smoky aroma
cajun hot: distinctive taste


beef 93%
salt (max. 5%)
garlic powder
ascorbic acid
sodium nitrite


Dried meat Beef Jerky 50 g - Product parameters

Weight (g)
50 g
Min. meat ratio
93 %
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