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Outdoor computer Suunto CORE All Black - SPECIAL OFFER

NEW! Sporttester Suunto T6d Black Fusion for the most effective training management

NEW! Sporttester Suunto T6d Black Fusion for the most effective training management

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Outdoor computer Suunto CORE All Black

Suunto T6d Black Fusion is a modern training laboratory on your wrist. It can effectively monitor, analyze, and optimize your workout based on the information obtained. With the Suunto Training Manager software, Suunto T6d provides training assessment on a scientific basis and a detailed analysis of seven body parameters with an accuracy that can be achieved only in a sports laboratory.

Training computer Suunto T6d is fully equipped with a unique scientific performance parameters, and therefore it is very popular helper of all professional athletes and coaches. It provides an evaluation of cardiovascular training of an athlete and with performance measurement leads him to achieve the optimum condition in the shortest possible time.

The computer is equipped with a comfortable textile chest belt Comfort Dual Belt for heart rate measurement that is comfortable to wear and precise in measuring.

EPOC, the key to success - know-how to optimize the training plan

Suunto T6d introduces the numerical value of training load, EPOC. By measuring the EPOC value, different sports and training classes can be compared, which helps to create an optimal training plan. With Suunto T6d athletes teams, clubs or individuals may assess their level of fitness mutually, define the optimal training load and measure the contribution of each workout. Suunto T6d utilizes the results of physiological research carried by Finnish Research Institute KIHU for Olympic Sports, in cooperation with Firstbeat Technologies. This scientific knowledge enables Suunto T6d to offer users the parameters of each workout, which had previously been measurable only in laboratory tests.

Simple self-analysis for monitoring in real time:

Easy to use PC analysis combines the training data with basic information about the athlete. The analysis calculates seven different physiological parameters to determine that the athlete does not train too hard or too easy either. These parameters, which include EPOC, oxygen consumption and energy consumption can be accurately measured from rest to maximum heart rate for the first time outside the lab. Measurements are based on variations in heart rate, which is obtained from the recorded data of each heartbeat. The possibility of exchange of training information by e-mail or the web opens up new horizons for coaching at a distance or sharing of experience among friends.

Functions and features:

  • Comparative physiological analysis on PC
  • Training Effect and EPOC in real time
  • Altimeter for tracking of exercise in mountains and altitude performance
  • Speed, distance and step cadence with additional PODs
  • Scren language: English, French, German, Spanish
  • Optional display layout
  • Coded digital signal ANT without interference
  • Chest belt for heart  rate measurement is included

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