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Suunto Foot POD - accessory for running and walking

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Suunto Foot POD - accessory for running and walking

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Suunto Foot POD Mini

Suunto Foot POD is an optional accessory to sporttesters Suunto T3, T4 and T6 for walking and running. Suunto Foot POD enables you to track and record speed and distance.

When running on a circuit Suunto Foot POD allows to automatically count rounds. Suunto Foot POD counts each step using two acceleration sensors and therefore measures the running speed and distance with an accuracy of 98%. Accurate results of measurement is also guaranteed by personal calibration.

Main features:

  • Speed limit alarm
  • ANT-coded signal without interference from surrounding environment and devices (eg. under power lines, etc.)
  • Easy and firm attachement to shoe laces (without unlacing)
  • Weight only 27 g
  • Easy battery replacement by user

Suunto Foot POD Mini - Product parameters

Weight (g)
9 g
Voděodolnost (reálná)
10 m
Výdrž baterie
400 h
Coded signal

Suunto Foot POD Mini - video

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