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Energy Bracelet inSPORTline Argonis

Energy bracelet with jasper, onyx and hematite, provides support during emotional stress, helps suppress fear, provides inspiration and motivation.

Energy bracelet with jasper, onyx and hematite, provides support during emotional stress, helps suppress fear, provides inspiration and motivation. more »

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Energy Bracelet inSPORTline Argonis

The Energy Bracelet inSPORTline Argonis is a beautiful, stylish bracelet of an interesting combination of natural stones. It consists of onyx, jasper and hematite beads – all those minerals are energetically strong. Onyx is considered to be a powerful, protective stone which helps a person get rid of negative thoughts. Jasper helps relieve stress while hematite helps a person get back to reality. The combined energy of those three stones will give you mental strength, self-confidence and mental stability.

Onyx is perfect for those who want to face their fears. It eliminates negative thoughts and anxiety. It gives you strength to face your fears and make important decisions. Onyx will give you strength in the most difficult times of your life and be a stabilizing element during conflicts.

Jasper is considered to be the source of powercourage and wisdom. Its energy helps connect a person to the Earth, proving support during emotional stress. It also helps a person get rid of their bad habits and behavior. Its energy has an inspirational effect on a person, making them motivated to achieve their goals. Jasper allows you to look at your problems from a different perspective. Its balanced power will help you get rid of your anxiety and doubts

Hematite is famous for its ability to absorb negative emotions. It relieves stress and anxiety, helping a stressed person get back to reality and organize their thoughts. This stone’s energy is protective and stabilizing. It helps you restore inner balance and calmness, improves your self-confidence and gives you strength when you are going through a difficult time of your life. In today’s busy world, hematite will give you a zest for life and help you get rid of all your anxiety.

The contrasting colors of black onyx and light-colored, marble jasper will look good with almost anything. The hematite separating beads make the bracelet even more elegant and unique-looking. The beads are threaded on a durable elastic cord which will not give way. Its neutral colors make the Energy Bracelet inSPORTline Argonis a perfect accessory suitable for both men and women.

Technical description:

  • Energy bracelet for everyday use
  • High-quality natural materials
  • Helps suppress eliminate negative emotions and thoughts
  • Gives you strength to achieve everyday goals 
  • Helps relieve stress and anxiety
  • Durable elastic cord
  • Hematite separating beads
  • Elegant design
  • Material: onyx, jasper, hematite
  • Bead diameter: ca. 8mm
  • Bracelet length: 19cm, 21cm
  • Weight: ca. 20g
  • Comes in gift box

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