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Energy Bracelet inSPORTline Erebor

Energy bracelet with obsidian, onyx and hematite, stylish design, helps you get rid of disturbing elements, helps relieve anxiety.

Energy bracelet with obsidian, onyx and hematite, stylish design, helps you get rid of disturbing elements, helps relieve anxiety. more »

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Energy Bracelet inSPORTline Erebor

The Energy Bracelet inSPORTline Erebor is a luxurious bracelet made of energetically strong stones. The combination of snowflake obsidianonyx and hematite not only looks good but also is effective. Obsidian helps you deal with negative emotions and mental stress while onyx radiates protective vibrations and gives strength to those who want to face their fears. Hematite helps you channel your thoughts and be balanced.

Onyx is perfect for those who want to face their fears. It eliminates negative thoughts and anxiety. It gives you strength to face your fears and make important decisions. Onyx will give you strength in the most difficult times of your life and be a stabilizing element during conflicts.

Obsidian is considered to be a mighty, protective stone, which helps you deal with the dark side of your personality. Instead of suppressing the negative aspects of your mind, obsidian’s energy is aimed at highlighting the positive aspects and removing distracting elements. It is associated with the deepest part of your personality, helping you free yourself from the hold of outside forces. It helps you live in the present and not leave things for the last minute.

Hematite is famous for its ability to absorb negative emotions. It relieves stress and anxiety, helping a stressed person get back to reality and organize their thoughts. This stone’s energy is protective and stabilizing. It helps you restore inner balance and calmness, improves your self-confidence and gives you strength when you are going through a difficult time of your life. In today’s busy world, hematite will give you a zest for life and help you get rid of all your anxiety.

Beads of matt black onyx and snowflake obsidian are interspersed with decorative elements of metallic, shiny hematite, giving the bracelet its stylish and modern look. The beads are threaded on a durable elastic cord which will not give way. The Energy Bracelet inSPORTline Erebo ris perfect for everyday use as well as special occasions. 

Technical description:

  • Energy bracelet for everyday use
  • High-quality natural materials
  • Protective bracelet – helps you get rid of stress, worries, anxiety
  • Suppresses negative feelings
  • Helps remove distracting elements from your mind
  • Durable elastic cord
  • Decorative brass beads
  • Stylish design
  • Material: snowflake obsidian, onyx, hematite
  • Bead diameter: ca. 5mm
  • Bracelet length: 19cm, 21cm
  • Weight: ca. 15g
  • Comes in gift box

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