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Pinlock Insert 30

Anti-fog insert, goes between pins on inner side of visor, silicon seal.

Anti-fog insert, goes between pins on inner side of visor, silicon seal. more »

This product will be available from 31.08.2021
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Pinlock Insert 30

Preventing the visor from fogging up, the Pinlock Insert 30 goes between two pins on the inner side of the visor, serving as a second layer. Thanks to its silicon seal, this insert prevents moisture which forms when you are exhaling in cold air from getting in between the two layers. As a result, no condensation forms inside the helmet.

Technical description:

  • Prevents visor from fogging up
  • Goes between pins on inner side of visor
  • Silicon seal
  • dDstance between pins: 25.7 cm
  • Suitable for Helmet W-TEC Vexamo, V127 and other selected helmets or visors with preparation

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