Nutrend Voltage Energy Cake 65 g

VOLTAGE ENERGY CAKE is a tasty energy bar made of cereal flakes

VOLTAGE ENERGY CAKE is a tasty energy bar made of cereal flakes

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Nutrend Voltage Energy Cake 65 g

VOLTAGE ENERGY CAKE is energy bar suitable for energy supply during long lasting activities. The base of the bar are selected cereal flakes, and added functional materials (especially antioxidants). VOLTAGE ENERGY CAKE is very tasty and balanced form of energy supply during workout. This bar is an ideal alternative to the classic ”wafers“ which contain excessive amounts of fats (including trans-unsaturated fatty acids).
VOLTAGE ENERGY CAKE not only supplies energy but it also fills up.

The bar is built on unique ingredients. The main benefit is special type of carbohydrates - PalatinoseTM - that excels in gradual absorbency and high energy potential without increasing osmolality in digestive tract. Moreover, with gradual absorbency, there is no extreme increase in blood sugar.

VOLTAGE ENERGY CAKE supplies you with energy needed during long lasting activities and it also fulfils but it does not burden your digestive tract.

It is also enriched with vitamin C, vitamin E and zinc. These substances are very important antioxidants, ie. help the body fight against free oxygen radicals, which are produced in increased quantities during physical activity. With the content of selected antioxidants, your body can better deal with oxidative stress.

Weight: 65 g
Bulk pack: 25 bars in display


  • hazelnut
  • coconut
  • exotic

Recommended dosage:

  • For energy supply before and during long-lasting activity
  • Up to 1 bar per hour of exercise
  • Use in less demanding segments - for reducing the risk of stomach problems and smooth consumption of the product
  • You can eat the bar in sections, always best to drink enough sports drinks, such as UNISPORT or ISODRINX

VOLTAGE ENERGY CAKE is intended for special nutrition. Suitable for athletes. Keep out of reach of children! Store in a dry place, at the temperature below 25 °C and out of reach of direct sunlight. Protect from freeze. Producer is not liable for any damages caused by improper usage or storage. Use the product immediately after opening. Allergens: soya, milk, gluten, hazelnut flavour with - nuts and peanuts.

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