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Sports Watch Polar A370 - SPECIAL OFFER

Wrist heart rate monitor, all-day heart rate and activity tracker, pedometer, non-activity notification.

Wrist heart rate monitor, all-day heart rate and activity tracker, pedometer, non-activity notification. more »

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Sports Watch Polar A370

Even though the Sports Watch Polar A370 builds on its predecessor (A360), it has a lot of new features. The wrist heart rate monitor allows you to track your heart rate all the time (even when you are not working out). Moreover, thanks to the built-in wrist heart rate monitor, you do not have to own a chest strap (with which the A370 is compatible, however). The heart rate measured by the watch is analyzed in the Polar Flow mobile app. Using your phone’s GPS signal, the Polar A370 tracks your speed, distance and route during your favorite outdoor sports.

Technical description:

  • Modern sports watch monitoring daily activities
  • Pulse measurement on wrist
  • Data transfer to PC/Mac via USB cable
  • Updateable software, automatically notifies you of a new version when connected to PC (Internet POLAR FLOW daily online service)
  • Easy wireless synchronization via Polar Flow app with Bluetooth Smart sensor
  • Strap size: S (125 – 170mm), M/L (140 – 200mm)
  • Battery: Li-Pol (new battery type with long lifespan), 110mAh
  • Display: full color touch TFT, definition: 80x160 pixels, size: 13x27mm, diagonal screen size: approx. 43mm
  • Water resistant: up to 30m (WR30)
  • Weight: 31.7g (S), 37.3g (M/L)


Daily Activity Monitoring – 24/7

  • Energy consumption through everyday activity
  • Approximate number of strides and distance
  • Vibration and text notification of long inactivity – e.g. sitting at a computer
  • Records time and quality of sleep without the need to activate anything
  • Recommends the amount of movement in a day (e.g. in order to achieve the daily minimum energy expenditure, you need to run for 20 minutes or walk for 1 hour, etc.)
  • Records time spent sitting, walking and exercising

Pulse measurement

  • Immediate heart rate in pulse per minute or percentage of maximum heart rate (HR)
  • After training, it provides information about the maximum and minimum HR
  • HR graph after data transfer to training log or Flow mobile app
  • Pulse measurement on wrist
  • Pulse measurement via chest strap – optional accessories
  • Custom-defined heart rate zones
  • If the preset zone is lower than the general heart rate zone, the watch starts to vibrate when your HR exceeds the limit
  • Fitness test monitors fitness development – its growth, drop or stagnation; *this function is only available with Polar H6, Polar H7 BlueTooth SMART, Polar H10 chest straps

Energy expenditure

  • Energy expenditure during a regular daily activity
  • Energy expenditure during an exercise (when pulse is measured)
  • Proportion of fat to energy released – training data – this value is important for weight reduction and endurance development – low fat proportion numbers means excessive workout during which you have burned mostly carbohydrates.


  • Time of day 12/24
  • Date
  • Alarm with SNOOZE function (10min repeat alarm), daily or Mon – Fri; *alarm functions depend on Polar Flow mobile app


  • Discrete, vibration notification of an incoming call, message and social network notifications
  • You can limit the time the notifications are on
  • Minimum hardware and software requirements for phone (notification support): Apple phones – 4S and newer; Android phones – 5.0 and newer

Speed and Distance Measurement – no GPS or other sensors required

Thanks to the built-in motion sensor, the A370 can measure the speed and distance when you are running on a treadmill in the gym. The sensor can be used during activities with the natural movement of the hand, i.e. walking, running. However, it will not work when you have your hands in your pockets. Also, it is not suitable for Nordic walking when you are holding the poles. However, using your phone’s GPS signal, the Polar A370 can track your speed, distance and route during your favorite outdoor sports.

Daily activity monitor

The A370 features a high quality daily activity monitor which tracks the time you spend sleeping and/or sitting in your office chair; it also tracks the intensity of your movement. Based on your daily activity, the A370 tells you what you should do in order to achieve the empirically determined daily energy expenditure. During the day, the A370 tells you to stretch if you have been sitting for too long.


The Polar A370 is perfect for endurance training – it tracks the current heart rate, heart rate zones, day time, workout time and calories burned. Moreover, it divides the data into groups: running, cycling, skiing, rollerblading, etc. It gives you accurate information about the time of your workout, average and maximum heart rate, intensity of your workout, calories burned and proportion of fat to energy released. Polar is the only manufacturer that tracks the proportion of fat to energy released. Low numbers indicate that the workout is too intense and thus unsuitable for weight reduction and/or endurance development.


The Polar A370 is dependent on the Polar FLOW online log. It is connected to a computer via a Micro USB cable. In the Polar Flow log you can do the following: create the so-called sports profiles, modify sports zones in order to further analyze the results and achieved goals. Moreover, the Flow log can also be used by coaches and fitness trainers who can create a coach account and follow their clients’ results (the clients do not have to go anywhere or send the results via email).

The Polar Flow mobile app allows you to access your training and daily activity data. The Polar A370 communicates with your phone/tablet via Bluetooth SMART, enabling you to get notifications for incoming calls, messages, social media and calendar appointments right on the screen of your Polar A370. Therefore, you immediately know whether or not the call is important without having to take your phone out of your pocket/purse.


The Polar A370 is suitable for situations where you do not need the measurement to be 100% accurate (if you want the measurement to be accurate, you can use a chest strap). It is suitable for endurance sports where you do not have to see the display all the time (running, rollerblading, skiing), for endurance workout in the gym (treadmill, stationary bike, rowing machine), for people who spend most of their time in an office (apart from telling them to move more, the watch also provides notifications of incoming calls and messages), for heart rate tracking during the day and/or sleep and for those who like new gadgets or those who need to have the latest sports devices. Since the Polar A370 is compatible with chest straps, it can also be used for more accurate measurement. However, the wrist heart rate monitor will not detect arrhythmia or sudden heart rate changes.

Sports Watch Polar A370 - Product parameters

Water resistance (real)
30 m
Water resistance for
Swimming, snorkelling
Coded signal
Backlit display
Czech option for interface
Body material
Body composition measurement
Training data memory
Outside temperature
Battery life
Weight (g)
37.30 g
Chest strap
Daily activity monitoring
Sleep monitoring
Chargeable battery
Heart rate monitoring
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