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Sports Watch POLAR M430 - Orange - SPECIAL OFFER

GPS smart watch, wrist heart rate monitor, lightweight, water resistant, stylish.

GPS smart watch, wrist heart rate monitor, lightweight, water resistant, stylish. více »

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Sports Watch POLAR M430

Despite its spectacular features, the top-quality Sports Watch POLAR M430 is cheaper than its counterparts. Based on the M400 model, the M430 features a wrist heart rate monitor (therefore, no chest belt is required). Chest belt is not included but can be purchased separately and connected to sporttester. Moreover, it also features an accurate built-in GPS module, allowing you to track your pace, time and distance covered. The M430 can be connected to mobile devices and sensors via Bluetooth Smart 4.0. This sports watch is connected to PC via a Micro USB cable, which is also used as a battery charger.

Technical description:

  • Immediate pulse in pulse/min or % from HR max, pulse is recorded every second
  • Average pulse, maximum and minimum pulse
  • Can be connected to chest belt (not included)
  • 5 sports zones – user defined
  • Easy zone lock (possibility of sound notification when leaving the zone)
  • Possibility to plan interval training divided into stages
  • Possibility to create training plan
  • Stop watch with an unlimited number of split times – each split time (except for LAP TIME) provides information about distance and average speed. The split times are further divided into automatic and manual
  • Interval timer – aside from using one of the predefined plans you can find in the training log, you can also use the timer – 1 or 2
  • User defined text notifications – change of pace, drinking mode, etc.    
  • Sports profiles which can be modified according to your needs – different displaying for running and cycling, different pulse zones for different activities
  • User-adjustable display – you can choose from 1 to 4-line LCD displays on as many as 8 pages. The 3-line setting seems to be the most effective one
  • If you do not like the high-definition LCD display, you can use the regular setting (black number on a white background)
  • Fitness test – monitors your fitness development – growth, drop, stagnation. No special skills are required. To take the test, all you need to do is attach the chest strap and lie down for 5 minutes
  • Training benefit – motivational feedback
  • VO2 max test – measures the maximum rate of oxygen consumption
  • Smart calories – measures calories and proportion of fat in relation to energy released
  • Running index – interprets your speed and heart rate data, then delivers easy to understand insights about your current condition, likely race finish times and more
  • Weight: 56.6g
  • Water resistance: 30m – suitable for swimming (does not measure heart rate when in water)
  • Thickness: 11.5mm
  • High definition display (128 x 128)
  • Display text in number of languages, including Czech
  • Updateable software
  • Memory capacity of up to 30 hours with both GPS and hear rate monitor on
  • Battery life of up to 8 hours with both GPS and hear rate monitor on, 24 hours in daily activity monitoring mode
  • Can be easily synced with number of devices via Polar Flow app (Bluetooth Smart)
  • Data transfer to PC (including Apple computers) via Micro USB cable
  • Li-Pol rechargeable battery (new battery type with long lifespan – replaceable)

GPS functions:

  • Speed (km/h) and pace (min/km) tracking (current, average, maximum)
  • Distance
  • Altimeter – current altitude, ascended/descended meters – altitude is based on GPS coordinates!
  • Back to start – takes you back to your starting point – compass which, instead of North, directs you to your staring point

Daily Activity Monitor:

  • Activity monitoring 24/7 (nonstop monitoring requires you to have the watch on your hand at all times, even at night)
  • Activity Guide – recommends a daily activity goal and gives you tips on how to achieve it
  • Strides and distance – counts the strides you make each day. In the FLOW app you can check the distance you have covered
  • Lack of activity notification – text message notifying you (with a beep) that you have been sitting too long
  • Activity zones – the activity zones records your everyday activities according to five intensity levels: relax, sitting, low, medium, high. You can see the zones in the FLOW online service and the Polar Flow app
  • Activity Benefit – this function gives you daily, weekly and monthly feedback. You can check how you have been doing on your phone or on the Internet.
  • Sleep length and quality – as soon as you lie down and your movements slow down, it automatically starts to measure the length of your sleep. By displaying the share of substantial and restless sleep, it provides detailed information about your sleep and whether its quality has an impact on your everyday life.

Watch functions:

  • Time of day (12/24) – digital (numbers), analog (clock hands)
  • Date
  • Alarm – daily, Mon – Fri, one-off
  • Backlit display (10s or permanent)
  • Button lock
  • Water resistant up to 30m – suitable for swimming (does not measure heart rate when in water)


  • Connected to FLOW web service via Micro USB cable and computer (compatible with both MAC and PC); when connected, apart from charging, the watch will also be communicating with your account (i.e. data in your training diary)
  • Connected via Bluetooth 4.0 – data transfer to Polar Flow mobile app (compatible with iPhone 4S and higher/Android 4.3 and higher)
  • If you use the mobile app, the data transferred to your phone will be automatically sent to the web app. Also, if you transfer the data to your diary via the cable, they will be sent to your phone/tablet
  • Notifications – allows you to stay up to date when wearing your training computer in your everyday life. You will receive alerts from incoming calls, messages and push notifications from social media apps and see them on the display of your training computer. To be able to use this function, your phone’s operating system (iOS, Android 5.0 and higher) and the version of the POLAR FLOW app need to be up to date. The connectivity situation changes frequently. For more detailed information, please call our hot line.  

Sports Watch POLAR M430 - Product parameters

Coded signal
Heart rate monitoring
Wrist, Chest strap
Chest strap
Water resistance (real)
30 m
Water resistance for
Swimming, snorkelling
Czech option for interface
Daily activity monitoring
Sleep monitoring
Backlit display
Fitness test
Weight (g)
56.60 g
Training data memory
Outside temperature
Chargeable battery
Battery life
Body material

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