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High quality GPS watch suitable for both sports and everyday use, backlit display, full support of Polar Flow app and other Polar devices.

High quality GPS watch suitable for both sports and everyday use, backlit display, full support of Polar Flow app and other Polar devices. more »

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Sports Watch POLAR M200

Intended for those who are looking for a simple and highly functional sports watch without a chest strap, the Sports Watch POLAR M200 is a GPS watch that can measure your heart rate on the wrist. The Polar M200 features vibration notification, but does not feature sound notification or custom-defined hear rate zones (the watch starts to vibrate when your HR exceeds the limit). It is compatible with a cell phone.

Sports profiles for easy exercise

The Polar M200 features a number of sports profiles, each of which you can adjust to fit your needs. In older devices, with each new activity, you had to change the heart rate limits and/or speed unit. With this watch, you do not have to do that anymore. As a result, your running speed will be measured in min/km while your cycling speed in kph. When running on track, it is time that you will need to know. When cycling, on the other hand, it is elevation that is the most important. It means that the Polar M200 watch will display exactly what you need to know in any given moment. It features a dual line display (editable in no more than 8 “pages”).

Pulse measurement

The Polar M200 measures pulse from the wrist. This method is perfect for steady motion. However, bear in mind that it is approximate measuring. The main advantage of this method is that the watch records your data even if you spontaneously decide to go running.

  • Immediate heart rate
  • Average heart rate
  • Maximum heart rate
  • Average and maximum heart rate during manually entered lap
  • Average and maximum heart rate during automatically recorded lap

With the Polar M200, you can check your heart rate even when you are not running/cycling. Moreover, you can choose not to save the results. As has already been mentioned, it is approximate measuring, which means that you cannot expect it to detect arrhythmia or any other irregular heart activity. There are other devices that can do that.

GPS and altimeter

The built-in GPS allows you to measure speed/pace, distance and altitude. The movement coordinates are saved in the watch and when you transfer them to your computer, you will see your route in the map. Moreover, the map also displays your heart rate, speed, distance and split time information.

  • Speed in kph or min/km; current, average, max
  • LAP speed (average and max)
  • Distance, LAP distance, automatic LAP distance
  • Current altitude
  • Elevation (ascended meters), descent
  • LAP elevation (during both manually entered and automatically recorded laps)

Time measurement, watch

The Polar M200 features a stopwatch that records split times. The manually and automatically recorded split times are separated (e.g. every 1km). The split times and lap times lead to other data (pulse, speed, distance and altitude).

  • Time of day
  • Exercise time
  • LAP time
  • Automatic LAP time

The Polar M200 can also be used as a regular watch. Therefore, you will not only know the time and date, but can also set an alarm and the watch will start vibrating. Unfortunately, this watch does not feature sound notification.


When connected to your phone, the Polar M200 will notify you of an incoming call and/or text message. It will simply vibrate on your wrist. This function will come in handy when your phone is in your pocket or when you cannot hear it.

Daily activity monitoring

When you are using the Polar M200 as a regular watch, this function monitors the quality of your sleep, how much time you have spent in your office chair and/or if you have moved enough during the day - checks and count daily number of steps. At the end of the day, you will know what you should do to improve your health. For instance, you will learn that you should go for a 30-minute walk. As a result, on your way home from work, you can get off two stops earlier and walk the rest of the way. However, if you feel like it, you can also run (and the optical sensor will record this unscheduled activity).


The Polar M200 charges via USB. To charge it, you can use not only your phone and tablet chargers, but also your USB car charger. When fully charged, you can record for as many as 6 hours with the GPS on. When the GPS is off, the battery can last as long as 6 days.

Technical description:

  • display: circular shape 28 mm in diameter, resolution 1342 pixels, 2 lines (8 pages which can be freely assembled for individual sports disciplines)
  • weight: 12 mm
  • M/ L: 150 – 210 mm (standard size of sports watches)
  • Optical hearth rate sensor
  • Integrated GPS (SiRFInstantFix™)
  • Activity sensor
  • Vibration notification or alarm (no sound alarm)
  • waterproof: 30 m – suitable for swimming
  • integrated memory: 4 MB
  • battery: 180 mAh, Li-pol battery, estimated lifespan 6 days with Activity sensor and 1 hour per day with active GPS and optical hearth rate sensor (without notification), up to 4 hours with active GPS and optical hearth rate sensor, up to 40 hours with optical hearth rate sensor, up to 30 days with measuring of daily activity and without notification
  • Battery is exchangeable
  • connectivity: USB – A for connection to PC (Windows, Mac), with mobile device: minimum requirement iOS iPhone 4S or android 4.3, Bluetooth 4.0 or higher. For notification is required android version 5.0 or higher.
  • Software can be upgraded
  • language: setup in many languages included Czech language
  • weight: 40 g 

Sports Watch POLAR M200 - Product parameters

Coded signal
Heart rate monitoring
Chest strap
Water resistance (real)
30 m
Water resistance for
Swimming, diving
Czech option for interface
Daily activity monitoring
Sleep monitoring
Backlit display
Fitness test
Outside temperature
Chargeable battery
Battery life
Body material

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