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Electric Unicycle INMOTION V3C

The smallest personal vehicle, simple to control only by shifting your body weight, rechargable battery, gyroscope, suitable for daily commute, safety mechanisms, telescopic rod.

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The smallest personal vehicle, simple to control only by shifting your body weight, rechargable battery, gyroscope, suitable for daily commute, safety mechanisms, telescopic rod.

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Electric Unicycle INMOTION V3C

Electric Unicycle INMOTION V3 is the smallest and the most compact personal vehicle. It drives with the aid of gyroscopic mechanism, same as Segway. You can steer the unicycle with a simple motion of your body forward. The further you lean the faster the ride. The Electric Unicycle INMOTION V3 has a telescopic steering rod, which helps you with coordination during the ride. The unicycle is suitable for daily commute to school or work. While on the unicycle, you can easily fit in doorways and elevators. You can also ride an escalator. It is supplied with rechargable battery with the maximum range of 25 km. The maximum range depends on the surface of the terrain and the rider's riding style and weight. To sustain the battery’s longevity, it is necessary to charge it at least once a month. The unicycle’s compact size (14” inflatable tires and motor output of 450 W) make it a very dynamic light transport vehicle. The Electric Unicycle INMOTION V3 has a number of safety mechanisms, the most important being the brake warning light at the rear, which lights red during braking. The vehicle also has wide pedals with an anti-slip surface. The unicycle is easy to carry and travel with and is therefore perfect for little trips during holidays. Riding on the dynamic Electric Unicycle INMOTION V3 will save you both time and money.

Technical specifications:

  • The smallest transportation device
  • Dynamic vehicle
  • Suitable for daily commute
  • Suitable for short range personal transport.
  • Inbuilt gyroscope (same as Segway)
  • Controlled by simply shifting your weight
  • Telescopic rod for better coordination
  • Wider pedals with an anti-slip surface
  • Brake warning light at the rear
  • Ideal for a little exploring while on vacation
  • Front light
  • LCD display with battery power indicator
  • mobile app. INMOTION SCV for Android and iOS
    • enables to display trips, battery power, engine power and social network sharing
    • min. requirements:
      • Android 4.0.3 or higher
      • iOS 7.0 or higher
      • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Ideal for trips and traveling
  • Waterproof
  • Battery: Li-Ion, 72V, 2Ah
  • Motor: 450 W
  • Speed limit: 18 km/h
  • Range: 20 – 25 km
  • Weight: 13,5 kg
  • Maximum load: 120 kg
  • Maximum slope: 18°
  • Tire size: 14“(35,6 cm)
  • Parameters: 42 x 51,5 x 17,8 cm
  • Charging time: 90 min
  • Count of charging cycles: approx. 1000
  • Pedal distance from the ground: 10,5 – 11 cm


Electric Unicycle INMOTION V3C - Product parameters

Maximum range
Charging time
1-2 h
13.50 kg
Weight limit
120 kg
Maximum speed
18 km/h
Wheel size
35.60 cm
Motor output
450 W
Maximum slope
42 x 51,5 x 17,8
Battery capacity indication
LED Lights

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