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Boomerang Aerobie Orbiter

Unique shape, clearly visible, easy catching, soft and flexible edges.

Unique shape, clearly visible, easy catching, soft and flexible edges.

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Boomerang Aerobie Orbiter

The Boomerang Aerobie Orbiter flies about a 28 meter diameter circle and returns. Its triangular design and bright colored, soft rubber edges make it secure to throw and easy to see in flight and also soft and easy to catch. Throwing instructions are printed on the boomerang. Do not give up if the boomerang does not come back the first time you throw it. Because it really does come back. It is only a matter of time. José Drummond of Brazil holds the record for the most throws and catches of an Orbiter boomerang without a drop – an amazing 720 consecutive throws and catches.

Technical description:

  • High performance boomerang flies about a 28 meter diameter circle and then it really does come back
  • Rubber edges for secure throwing grip and soft catches
  • Bright colors makes it easier to see
  • Triangle shape makes it easier to catch
  • Suitable especially for right-handers
  • Arm length: 29cm
  • Does not float in water
  • Recommended age: 13+
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Boomerang Aerobie Orbiter - Product parameters

29 cm
58 g
Floats on water

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Boomerang Aerobie Orbiter - video

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