Measures pulse on wrist, monitors daily activity, clear display, comfortable strap.

Measures pulse on wrist, monitors daily activity, clear display, comfortable strap.

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Sports Watch POLAR A360

The Fitness Sport Tester POLAR A360 is unique in several ways. It can measure your heart rate on the wrist, the watch can be removed from the strap (different colors) and it features a sensor for monitoring daily activity. Data transfer via Bluetooth Smart (mobile devices) and a cable (PC). It features a touch display with excellent, intuitive operation. The brand new technology is used for measuring heart rate on the wrist – via optics (so-called photopletysmography), i.e. the light rays shine through the skin and their reflection is captured. The intensity of the reflected rays changes with the amount of blood flow. Even though this technology is relatively accurate, its accuracy still depends on the activity during which it is used. Therefore, it is convenient that the classic heart rate measurement through the chest strap is available, i.e. capturing electromagnetic waves created by the activity of the heart muscle. The Polar A360 features a user-friendly, 43mm color display. The display layout seems to be clear and organized, the individual previews are readable and understandable. The high definition ensures good visibility even during sunny days.

Technical description:

  • Modern sports watch monitoring daily activities
  • Pulse measurement on wrist
  • Data transfer to PC/Mac via USB cable
  • Updateable software, automatically notifies you of a new version when connected to PC (Internet POLAR FLOW daily online service)
  • Memory capacity up to 30 days (with 1 hour of training a day)
  • Easy wireless synchronization via Polar Flow app with Bluetooth Smart sensor
  • Strap size: S (130 – 170mm), M (150 – 200mm), L (165 – 225mm)
  • Battery: Li-Pol (new battery type with long lifespan), 100mAh
  • Display: full color touch TFT, definition: 80x160 pixels, size: 13x27mm, diagonal screen size: approx. 43mm
  • Water resistant: up to 30m (WR30)
  • Weight: 31.7g (S), 33.7g (M), 37.3g (L)


Pulse measurement

  • Immediate heart rate in pulse per minute or percentage of maximum heart rate (HR)
  • After training, it provides information about the maximum and minimum HR
  • HR graph after data transfer to training diary or Flow mobile app
  • Pulse measurement on wrist
  • Pulse measurement via chest strap – optional accessories
  • Custom-defined heart rate zones
  • If the preset zone is lower than the general heart rate zone, the watch starts to vibrate when your HR exceeds the limit
  • Fitness test monitors fitness development – its growth, drop or stagnation

Daily Activity Monitoring – 24/7

  • Energy consumption through everyday activity
  • Approximate number of strides and distance
  • Vibration and text notification of long inactivity – e.g. sitting at a computer
  • Records time and quality of sleep without the need to activate anything
  • Recommends the amount of movement in a day (e.g. in order to achieve the daily minimum energy expenditure, you need to run for 20 minutes or walk for 1 hour, etc.)
  • Records time spent sitting, walking and exercising

Energy expenditure

  • Energy expenditure during a regular daily activity
  • Energy expenditure during an exercise (when pulse is measured)
  • Proportion of fat to energy released – training data – this value is important for weight reduction and endurance development – low fat proportion numbers means excessive workout during which you have burned mostly carbohydrates.


  • Time of day 12/24
  • Date
  • Alarm with SNOOZE function (10min repeat alarm), daily or Mon – Fri
  • Battery: high quality Li-Pol accumulator; battery life up to 12 days on a single charge (with 1 hour of pulse measurement a day)


  • Discrete, vibration notification of an incoming call, message and social network notifications
  • You can limit the time the notifications are on

Sports Watch POLAR A360 - Product parameters

Coded signal
Heart rate monitoring
Chest strap
Monitorování denní aktivity
Monitorování spánku
Backlit display
Fitness test
Weight (g)
37.30 g
Outside temperature
Body composition measurement

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