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InSPORTline Boxing Gloves

Favourite fingerless boxing-gloves inSPORTline

Favourite fingerless boxing-gloves inSPORTline

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InSPORTline Boxing Gloves

Do you like boxing? Do you need to relax? This favourite fingerless boxing-gloves are just for you. Our customers like these gloves for their high durability and easy maintenance. 16oz are used for training, 10oz for matches where the size of gloves is specified. They differ in their use, for example muai thai, box, kickbox and they differ in their weight (oz). While sparring larger gloves are used (14oz - 20oz for the heaviest weight). The heavier the fighter is, the heavier the gloves are. This principle minimizes the risk of injury and unwanted strong punches.


- material: synthetic leather - washable
- filled with cotton, thumb attached to glove
- wide wristband with velcro system
- sizes: XS8oz, S10oz, M12oz, L14oz, XL16oz, XXL18oz

Recommended by Petr Kopřiva, InSPORTline Fitness Coach

Regular training improves fitness level, supports weight loss and strengthens cardiovascular system.

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