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Electroboard Windrunner Fun A1

Controlled by transferring weight, electronic stabilizing system, inflatable 10” tires, blue LED lights.

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Controlled by transferring weight, electronic stabilizing system, inflatable 10” tires, blue LED lights.

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Electroboard Windrunner Fun A1

The Electroboard Windrunner Fun A1 is a smart self-balancing scooter controlled by transferring weight. It features a modern electronic stabilizing system which makes learning to ride it very easy. It is perfect not only for fun in-town and pathway riding, but also for moving around large company premises. The electroboard also features inflatable 10” wheels which will help you on uneven terrain or during uphill rides (maximum slope of terrain 15°). The wheels are powered by two 350W electric engines thanks to which it can reach speeds of up to 12km/h. The engines are powered by a powerful Samsung accumulator, ensuring a distance range of up to 40km. With its high quality, reliability, the number of charging cycles and the relatively short charging time (approx. 3 hours), the Samsung accumulator is far better than the unbranded batteries. The charger is included in the set and the battery status is displayed on the electroboard’s body.

The Electroboard Windrunner Fun A1 also features safety components such as blue LED front lights for better visibility in low light conditions and large fenders protecting against the ricocheting stones or splashing water. Last but not least, you will appreciate its light weight, high weight limit and round shape.

Store the battery in shady and dry place with temperature between 10°C and 20°C. Before long-time storing, charge it fully and recharge at least every 6 months up to 100% of its capacity.

Tip for safe riding: we recommend wearing a helmet and protectors at all times.

Technical description:

  • Controlled by transferring weight
  • Electronic stabilizing system
  • Inflatable tires
  • Blue LED lights
  • Fenders
  • Battery status indicator
  • Anti-slip footboards
  • Attractive design
  • Tire size: 10” (25.4cm)
  • Maximum slope of terrain: 15°
  • Clear height: 50mm
  • Dimensions: length: 29 x width: 67 x height: 25cm
  • Engine power: 2 x 350W
  • Maximum speed: 12km/h
  • Maximum distance range: up to 40km (avg. 20-25km)
  • Battery: Samsung, 4400 mAh, 36V
  • Charging time: 120 – 180mins
  • Number of charging cycles: up to 2,000
  • Weight: 13.5kg
  • Weight limit: 110kg (minimum recommended weight: 20kg)
  • Charger included
  • Suitable for in-town and paved trail riding

Electroboard Windrunner Fun A1 - Product parameters

Maximum range
Charging time
2-3 h
13.50 kg
Weight limit
110 kg
Maximum speed
12 km/h
Wheel size
25.40 cm
Motor output
2x350 W
Maximum slope
29 x 67 x 25 cm
Battery capacity indication
LED Lights

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