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Reflective Suspenders W-TEC

Fluo-colored reflective suspenders, do not restrict movement, waist adjustment, versatile use.

Fluo-colored reflective suspenders, do not restrict movement, waist adjustment, versatile use.

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Reflective Suspenders W-TEC

The Reflective Suspenders W-TEC is a piece of safety equipment which can be put on any piece of clothing, be it a Moto jacket or a sports jacket. Its cut and waist adjustment does not restrict movement and adapts to the shape of the body. Apart from the distinctive fluo color, it also features other reflective components that increase the passive safety of the rider especially at night or in the low light conditions. The Reflective Suspenders W-TEC will help you feel safe when riding a motorcycle or a bike, walking or inline skating.

Technical description:

  • Universal size
  • Do not restrict movement
  • Reflective components
  • Velcro waist adjustment
  • Versatile use (motorcycle, bike, sports, walking)
  • Material: polyester

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Reflective Yellow

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