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Jumping Stilts Worker Hoppero

Jumping stilts for adults, tightening straps, aluminum frame.

Jumping stilts for adults, tightening straps, aluminum frame.

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Jumping Stilts Worker Hoppero

The Jumping Stilts Worker Hoppero is a spring system which enables high jumping, fast running or air tricks and acrobatic moves. They can be used in cities, housing estates or skateparks. It allows you to improve your fitness and do total body workouts in an enjoyable and untraditional way. Its massive structure and used materials ensure safe and long-lasting jumping. The EVA foam padding in the calf area provides a high degree of comfort and the adjustable binding stabilizes the foot in the shoe. When using the stilts, it is recommended to wear a helmet and joint pads.

Technical description:

  • Tightening straps
  • Spring: fiberglass thread
  • Frame: aluminum alloy
  • Sole: polypropylene
  • Straps: nylon
  • Spring heel: rubber
  • Calf area padding: EVA foam
  • Weight limit: 100kg
  • Weight: 7.5kg (pair)

Jumping Stilts Worker Hoppero - Product parameters

Weight limit
110 kg
EVA, Rubber, Aluminium, Nylon, Polypropylene, Fibreglass
Kick Scooters for Every Occasion!

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