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Moov 3in1 Starter Kit

Original 3in1 kit for small children - balance bike, crane and snow speeder.

Original 3in1 kit for small children - balance bike, crane and snow speeder.

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Moov 3in1 Starter Kit

Moov 3in1 Starter Kit toy set makes for an original and fully functional kit that has been awarded a prize for its design and functionality, as well as the 2008 best toy of the year award. Your children will enjoy it greatly and develop creative and logical thinking. Very accurately manufactured parts, inflatable wheels, nice design and thousands of possible variations - these are the qualities of Moov toys!

Technical description:

Three seperate vehicles can be made from the components in this kit (more variations are also possible and depend solely and your children's imagination).

  • Moov bike
  • Moov crane
  • Moov snow scooter

The Moov kit is designed for children aged 5 - 12, but parents can also have a good time playing with it along their children.

Picture instructions included.

Moov 3in1 Starter Kit - Product parameters

Recommended Age
5 years
Wheel type
Filled - bantam

Moov 3in1 Starter Kit - video

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