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Boxing speed ball SR7604

PUNCHING BAG (pear shape) inSPORTline SR7604 with console and taking off board

PUNCHING BAG (pear shape) inSPORTline SR7604 with console and taking off board

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Boxing speed ball SR7604

Punching bag inSPORTline SR 7604is suitable for fitness exercise and stroke training and end-play training easy to fix the console on the wall good solution for small spaces of your weight room(gym) made of the high quality solid materials – it ensures long life span in spite of regular training. You can inflate it using a pump with needle. This ball features an inner bladder, that should be properly inflated for right effectiveness.

Punching bag(pear shape) inSPORTline SR 7604 – technical description

  • steal, lacquered, black console
  • attachment on the wall
  • inflatable bag - using a pump with needle adaptor
  • material of „pear“: chafe-resistant, synthetic red-brown leather
  • size: length 76cm, width 60cm, height 50cm
  • weight of „pear“: 0,3kg
  • inner bladder
  • inflating necessary (using a pump with a needle - not included)
  • inner padding material: soft foam

Boxing speed ball SR7604 - Product parameters

0.30 kg
Bag height
50 cm
Bag diameter
55 cm
Outside material
Optional filling

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